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Hello, (coaching) world!

At the start of every conversation (even online ones), it's advised to first stop by and introduce yourself.

Hi, I'm Diana - a marketing expert specializing in branding and digital as well as a systemic and NLP coach. Interesting mix? Not really, working with my 1:1 clients for business growth, I noticed that they were getting the results they thought were possible, not the ones the strategy was supporting. As a results-driven person passionate about psychology, I saw the chance to give them a bit more support.

Diana brosiu NLP & systemic coach and marketing expert

my background. in short.

Everyone has a story. Of course, I am no different, and there is time to build on this. After finishing my Master in Business Administration - Marketing Track at the University of Amsterdam, I decided to come back to my hometown (Bucharest, RO) to decide what I really want to do with my life. A few years later spent in big FMCG corporations (food to be more exact), I finally took the path of entrepreneurship. First, within my family's business and later with my own initiatives - consulting clients across industries and my own marketplace (custom code).

Like most budding entrepreneurs I made a lot of mistakes. Thankfully, I also learned tremendously from them, more than any course could ever teach me. Now, I am just reaping the benefits both in my own projects and in the work I do for clients.

What's my secret Sauce?

I look at every event as an opportunity to learn and evolve. Sure, it might sound right out of a self-help book, but honestly, it works. It means I am constantly moving forward, no matter what happens in my life.

This is just the intro, if you want to know more feel free to reach out and tell me what you want to know next.

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See you soon!

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