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What I wish you, dear Romania

A famous poem by Mihai Eminescu starts like this "What I wish you, dear Romania". The times have changed since Eminescu's times (by the way, he was the country's greatest writer). So, the question is quite a valid one: What do I wish you, dear Romania?

The wish

I wish you to live in peace, abundance and authenticity. I wish you to always have the freedom to speak your heart and the wisdom to do so with great kindness. I wish you to be on your way and to make your mark in the world.

The challenge

He wished Romania what he wanted to experience here and what he so much longed for. As do I. We see the world filtered by our desires. The next step would be to turn those dreams into actions. To make that great project that turns things into what I hope to experience in the world.

So? What about you? What do you wish for your country? How can you transform that dream into reality? Where can you start?

The Gifts

Personally, I am offering my full support on this journey (and any other you might be on). The first coaching session is free and you can bring to the table any topic important to you, even your legacy. Contact me to schedule the meeting or book directly:

Secondly, I am now organizing Coaching Teas - which is exactly that coaching over a tea so that you can experience each month a new drop of inspiration coming into your life. Once again, 100% free, online. Each month has a theme and the first one is Pause to Play. Come on the 13th of December online. Full details here - see event.

Lastly, I want to thank you for being here and leaving your own mark on the world. Continue being you because it's the best you can be.

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