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Rewriting your story - Coaching on Easter

This past weekend, in Romania we celebrated Orthodox Easter and the story behind the tradition is just so beautiful. It is a story of rebirth and constantly being able to change. So how do you choose to write or rewrite your story?

The metaphor of Easter & Rebirth

Easter & Spring are the perfect metaphors for starting new, rebirth, closing a chapter, and moving on to the next one. The trees are in bloom and animals everywhere are giving birth. Now, for nature and the Church, it may seem simple. What about us normal humans?

example of how easter impacts coaching
Easter preparations

Life script & Transactional Analysis

Life script is what we tell ourselves about ourselves. It is our life's default. Like many things default, it comes up quite often. Actually, it is our unconscious guide in life. More exactly, what is a life script? It is the filter that we put on our eyes when we look at events. It is the meaning that we give to important life events. Often times, it is based on our childhood but obviously, we can change it consciously.

about writing your life story and rewriting life script
What is your story?

For example, a life script can be that "people always want to hear my stories" - this usually leads to people becoming motivational speakers or influencers. Another case might be that "I need to spend money" and no matter how much money they make, they never seem to have enough.

Coaching, NLP & Life Stories

Note - I am speaking on my behalf since every coach is different.

In coaching, I guide my clients to achieve their goals. Sometimes, this implies that they change their story narrative - either very directly through NLP, or indirectly using systemic coaching. I prefer to combine the two in order to grow into a more sustainable change. The kind of evolution that just builds continuously, going at your pace.

We can work in a 1:1 coaching session for you to get a deeper insight. Before that, I want to share a small Easter gift. A few powerful & insightful coaching questions that can start the ball to roll:

What do you tell yourself on repeat?
Why are things happening to you?
What do you think will happen next month?
What do people think of you?

Disclaimer: I am not practicing any religion. Everyone has the right to be & express who they truly are. The story above was just to emphasize the beauty of the moment.

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