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Manifesto - coaching Diana Brosiu - Blooming Dynamics

I am a strong believer. I believe that everyone has the right to walk on their authentic path. It is whatever their soul desires. It may be the path of an artist, a healer, an athlete, a leader, a creator and, oh, so many more. So, I choose to ignite that passion and to bring forth that authentic voice. Your authentic voice. Because no one else can say nor do what you can.

Trust me, you can make an impact and create the life you want. Yes, I believe in you. And I want you to succeed. This is why I am supporting you. All along the way. Starting from exactly where you are and enabling you to detect the shortcuts, the resources and the blind spots. All of this for you to move faster and easier, to end dusty stories and to create better dynamics.

How? you might ask. I go past the surface and see the deeper story, the patterns you have to spark a holistic change. Because when you change one pattern your whole life is impacted. Why? The same pattern is present in more areas of life. So, just like the butterfly that creates a storm much more powerful than itself, there is one switch that heals way more than you thought.

Why would you trust me? Well, I’ve been in similar places and I have done the work. Tireless. Alone or with others. Living and experimenting or reading and thinking. For the past 12 years, I have worked with myself in all ways I could – therapy, workshops, researching, NLP, systemic constellations, astrology, tarot, meditating, launching businesses and pivoting, healing and forgiving. It was not a smooth road. But it was totally worth it for the woman I am now. So, I understand where you are and I will be present for you regardless of where or how you are.

Diana Brosiu coaching Portugal
Life can take you to incredible places. Trust it.

What do I really do? I tell stories that heal, I point out the synergies, and I support you in going deeper. I blend traditional business & psychology with systemic coaching and NLP aligned with spiritual practices. Because if something is true, it is true at all levels of life – physical, logical, emotional and spiritual.

Welcome to your life, dear traveler!

Make life memorable

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