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Ingredients of a good year

Happy Holidays! We are getting very close to the end of another year, so we might also stop and think - what went well, what did we plan and what actually happened?

coaching question good year
Coaching Question - What are the ingredients of a good year?

A good year. How to achieve it?

Obviously, there is also the option of just cruising through life without wanting to understand what or why it is happening. If you are reading this blog you are probably not interested in that option.

What is a good year? How was 2022? What can I take from it? I explored all of these topics in more detail during the first Coaching Tea. It was held online and the energy was so amazing that the next one will most likely be taken offline. By popular demand, we should share a real tea cup while exploring our mindset and soul. I do want to share a few bits of insight.

a coaching twist

A year is a bit like a cake - you want it to be delicious. It can be over-the-top comforting, decadent, or mixed with unusual aromas. The list of possibilities is quite literally endless. The same is true about a year - it can have chill nights with friends, exotic lovers, or long nights working to pursue your dream. Or all of the above :).

coaching metaphor cake as a year
Coaching Question - What color is your cake?

Take this metaphor as far as you like - what color should your cake be? who is participating in creating the cake? do you decorate it? how?

It only depends on you and what you want to include in the selection of ingredients or colors or "participants". These are all the ingredients for your good year. Next step? Did you obtain them this year? How would you rate 2022? What are you taking with you into the next year? What about changing?

This topic can be explored more generously in a coaching session. Contact me for more details at

A personal perspective

For me, 2022 brought me new businesses like Dynamics of Blooming with all the coaching sessions and projects as well as modern Kimonos by Muse of Tassels. Like any good year (for me), it brought also some surprises - instead of going to Bali, I drove to Moldova to learn more about my own origins. Sometimes, you can grow more on a personal level just by going around the corner, rather than across the globe.

Happy Holidays! May 2023 be even better!

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