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Hey coach, what do you offer? Just to entrepreneurs or executives?

Coaching and being a coach is still something rather vague concepts everyone explains differently. Naturally, I get asked these questions a lot. Of course, there is a short and a long answer.

My Offer as a Coach

Short answer – I offer 1:1 sessions, group sessions, training and courses (even customized) on numerous topics. In general, they are related to self-management and mindset – motivation, limiting beliefs, programming yourself for success, accessing your creativity and so on.

As a methodology, I use NLP and systemic coaching as the main tools which cover all of life’s domains. Thus, in coaching sessions we can cover anything from relationships (love or friendships) to work and how you are managing your own health. This doesn’t mean I will tell you what to eat. In the session, we will uncover what you actually need from your health, your diet, your workout sessions and how to best achieve it.

Frequently, people who are going through a major transition (changing careers, getting married or divorced, having a child) are choosing coaching as a way to better manage everything that life is bringing new for them.

coaching session
A conversation can make a world of a change

Introducing the Changemakers

I work with people from all walks of life. I just love working with entrepreneurs because they are changemakers. I want to create a real impact and by influencing the people that influence other people this impact is multiplied.

Who are these changemakers? Just entrepreneurs? No, artists also change mentalities – they spark joy and inspire people. Parents and professors are guiding and molding the future leaders of this world. Of course, also the current politicians who are making a very tangible and real change in the laws governing our world.

leader after coaching
Bu having an impact, we become changemakers

In a small or larger way, we can all be changemakers, if we choose to. Our future is always in our hands. The only question is what we are doing with it.

I can expand even further about what I offer and how I can best support you. It’s simple if we talk directly. Contact me via email ( and we can take it to the next step.

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