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Anatomy of a coaching session or What happens during it?

"What happens during a coaching session?"

This is definitely a question I've heard quite a few times. It is useful if you are interested in joining a session to know what it is in store.

A coaching session starts with you and your objectives.

“What do you want to achieve in your session today?”

The details of a coaching session

Let’s clarify this coaching question a bit:

  1. It is your session, to support you. 1 hour just for you to work on whatever you want – business, relationships, mindset, anything.

  2. It has a direction that has been decided by you. As a coach, I explicitly ask you about this to focus on exactly what will have the most impact on your life right now.

  3. Speaking of now, all we have is the present and it is the only moment when we can change something in our lives. Why so? It is obvious that you can’t change the past, but what about the future? There is a risk of focusing too much on the future and 1. you miss new details (that emerge later) or 2. Get stuck along the way since you haven’t paved the path until there. It is good to have long-term plans, they just don’t need to be planned in the most minute detail.

The place of a coaching session

I offer both online and live coaching services. Currently, I am based in Bucharest (Romania) and we can discuss if you are interested in having a live session anywhere else. I adapt all methodologies so that they can be easily used both online and live.

The tools of a coaching session

I blend my learnings so far and adapt to you so that you benefit from everything. My background is varied and it includes marketing, business strategy, psychology, NLP, spirituality and much more. I rely mostly on systemic coaching, NLP techniques and business knowledge (for entrepreneurs usually) and I am more than happy to change things if needed.

I go a bit deeper on my offer here.

The results of a coaching session

In most cases, first comes the clarity, the AHA moment. You discover how to optimize your situation or what is blocking or what you really wanted. You change your view even my 2mm (as Tony Robbins would say).

Then comes the action plan. A coaching session usually ends with an action plan you decided on so that you can achieve the results you desire. You are in the center of your life – you decide and you make things happen. More so, you find new resources to get you to the finish line faster.

You typically leave a coaching session with a decision (at least).

The formula of a coaching session

To sum it up, the anatomy of a coaching session is as follows (in my opinion so far):

You -> Objective -> Clarity -> Action Plan -> Optimization
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