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Bloom to your full potential

Achieve More
with coaching
in Your Life

Live more. 
And live by your rules.

Life is what we say it is. This is why it is important to dream and then to follow our dreams. Be it business or your own life story.


Why does a marketer become a coach? Because she loves it. And people need it.

Hi, I'm Diana and I will tell you a bit about my story. 

As a marketing professional, I collaborated with various teams & entrepreneurs - from Big Corp to people selling a product for the first time. There was one single red wire present - how much trust they had, both in their product and in themselves. Their professional experience weighed less when compared to their personal experience. In short, this is why I decided to blend the two - coaching and marketing consulting. 

I have always been passionate about personal growth and personal development. Books on psychology were forever present from my teens, so when I saw the potential to help people make a positive change in their life I jumped at the occasion. I mix various methods to ensure that I can better support you in reaching YOUR goals. I am trained in NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and systemic coaching because these methods I have found to have the greatest impact.

Why authenticity? Because it is your life and you have the chance to live it according to your values and life vision. 

Topics I have worked on

  • Defining a life vision and a life we can call our own

  • Improving relationships with dear ones, including couple relationships

  • Overcoming business challenges 

And many more :)

  • Increasing self-confidence 

  • Starting and building a company 

  • Preparing for a new stage of life 

  • Improving health and overcoming addictions

1:1 coaching

Let's get directly to the core and talk about what you want to improve to be the better version of yourself.



Have a team? Great! Let's work together and create a systemic shift for even more powerful results

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