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A Transformational coaching and business program to take you from Employee to Entrepreneur

Business Plan

TLDR - what is it?

This is a transformational coaching and business program in which I, Diana Brosiu, will be on your side, every step of the way. To offer both business knowledge and a mirror through which you can get to know yourself better and get to your next stage. This journey is only about finding the authentic creator inside you and letting it shine bright. 

Main topics - business & personal development:

  • Groundwork - Economics 101 & Entrepreneur mindset
  • Build - Product Development, Client Feedback & Motivation and healthy boundaries
  • Shine - Branding, Advertising & Activating Inner Strengths and Resources
  • Spark - Law of Attraction, Karma Management & setting objectives, Manifestation, Vision Board
  • Fruits - Monetization Models, Scaling, Sales & Money Management and Self-worth
  • Harvest - Client management and client acquisition & Managing people & relationships
Young Entrepreneur

The life of an entrepreneur can be easier...

With the right support. I know this and I've lived this. While doing my own transition from corporate life to entrepreneurship there were many lessons along the way. Some of them could have been gentler and I could have gotten a heads-up on others. This is why I am organizing this transformational coaching program. It is what I wished I had when I was starting off. 

The other reason is that I grew up in an entrepreneur-filled family and I saw the good that an entrepreneur can do in the world. I saw people talking so nicely about some of my relatives because they offered them a chance to grow and earn a good salary.

In this transformational coaching program for entrepreneurs we will cover

What is it about? What is the experience?

This program guides you in making the transition from an employee to an entrepreneur. You will gain both the practical knowledge necessary for building a business in marketing and business management, as well as personal management tools. As an entrepreneur, your business depends on how good you are. More specifically, how well you know how to manage yourself directly affects the results you will achieve in entrepreneurship: this means time management, self-management, and resource management. To achieve this, you need to know yourself: how you motivate yourself, what your limitations (especially physical) are, and how you recharge your batteries. Why? Because you will need to rise up in the tough times and my role is to bring to light and discuss all the stages in building a business, not just the beautiful ones.

Does it sound demotivating? Maybe. Maybe entrepreneurship isn't for you. I'm honest, and it's my promise throughout this program to be honest so I can give you the best premise for success. Entrepreneurship is also great. You wake up with a different joy and thirst for life. You wake up with the need to create more of what you love. And money. Yes, entrepreneurship is profitable if you follow the rules. These are accounting rules, but also spiritual rules. There are also energy methods to attract more abundance. Of course, I'm not referring to religion here, but to help the Universe conspire for your success.

Doesn't it sound like another accelerator? Because it isn't. It's an installation program for the entrepreneur identity - the person who sees opportunities for a better life and creatively and inspiringly manages the available resources to provide added value. As much as possible. It is first and foremost a personal transformation program for a better life. No matter how you define this.

Whether you choose the entrepreneurial path or not, these methods and changes in perspective will enable you to find more opportunities in all areas of life. How? Simple, you transform yourself and the upgrade is felt wherever you go.


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